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Adopt Me! Shepherd Mix Drago needs some help to feel confident

This weeks adoptable friends from LCHS are in
Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 11.58.30 AM
Drago and Barcelona. Photo: LCHS

ThoroldToday features adoptable pets via Lincoln County Humane society weekly. For any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to LCHS directly.

Drago - Male Shepherd mix - 6 years old
ID # 49116532

Drago is such a love! He's a sweet and friendly boy who would benefit from an experienced adopter who will work with him on gaining his confidence and working through his anxiety.  Drago will need some training to help him with his obedience and leash manners. 

He'll need a home with a fenced yard and no kids under 12.

Barcelona - Domestic Long Hair

This senior lady is ready to blow this pop stand. She’s eager to get out of her cage and isn’t shy about it. She’s a quiet cat but she won’t hesitate to march right out of her cage so we’re fairly sure she’ll make herself at home easily. She enjoys pets but isn’t a needy cat. She doesn’t seem to be a fan of the cats nearby so she’s likely best as the only pet. Barcelona has the cutest fluffy mittens, all the better for making muffins with!

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