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Adopt Me: Pork and Beans are a bonded pair

This week's adoptable friends from LCHS are in!

ThoroldToday features adoptable pets via Lincoln County Humane society weekly. For any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to LCHS directly.

Pork & Beans - Male - Skinny Pigs - 1 year old 

These two brothers are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They are sweet and fairly outgoing for skinny piggies!

This type of guinea pig needs special care - they have sensitive skin (duh!) and need to be kept away from drafts, direct sunlight, and kept in a clean pen (ideally with soft fleece liners or carefresh soft bedding). Skinny pigs are delightful but due to their breed are more prone to certain health problems. They typically live around 5 years but some make it to 7-8 (like their hairy guinea pig cousins).

The boys are looking for a forever home that loves their weird nudey look and is ready to take on their forever needs! They need a large pen and daily vitamin c tablet (not the drops that go in water!). You will be provided with a free guinea pig care handout when you contact the email below.

Email [email protected] to apply to adopt or foster! Adoption fee is $50.00 for the pair.